Here’s a review of the centric pro theme

Centric Pro Review – A Genesis Child Theme That Puts Your Content First

For the next minute I want you to logout of your blog and take a good look at it, as a reader would see it. Look at it with fresh eyes from an outsider’s perspective.

Now ask yourself this question:

“What is this blog saying?”

I often find this a great way to evaluate my blog’s design. What does it say about what kind of content it has? What does it say about the person who writes it? And then most importantly, what do I want it to say?

We’re building a brand in this great big blogging game, and so it pays to evaluate the consistency of our message. Today I’m sharing with you a theme that’s perfect for getting the right message across, whatever your blog type. The Centric Pro Theme by StudioPress.

Features At A Glance

Let’s start by taking a quick look at the basic features that Centric Pro has to offer. These features include:

  • 7 Different Colour Options
  • Built in Theme Options
  • A Landing Page Template
  • Custom Background
  • Custom Header
  • Footer Widget areas
  • New HTML5 Markup
  • Mobile Responsive Design

So pretty much living up to the high standard of features you’d expect from any StudioPress theme for Genesis. Where Centric Pro makes some bold claims however, is in this statement:

Centric is the antidote for the short attention spans. Your bounce rates will never be the same with a web design that draws readers in and delivers them down your page. [Source]

Which I would hope, would make anyone question its validity. So out of my natural curiosity, I decided to find out.

Can Centric Pro Really Reduce Bounce Rates?

The short answer is yes, yes it can but not entirely on its own.

You see bounce rates are peculiar entities. If you have Google Analytics or a similar statistics package set-up, you’ll see your bounce rate percentage on your dashboard.

Essentially what it stands for is the percentage of people who click through to your blog and then proceed to leave, without exploring. A bit like walking into a bookshop to find it stocks those kinds of books *wink, wink, nudge, nudge* that you totally don’t want. So you walk right back out again.

Your aim should be to get that percentage as low as possible and a good website design and layout, can be a great way of making a start but isn’t the be all and end all. The quality and readability of your content, among other factors can also account for bounce rates.

Where Centric Pro can help with this is:

  • By providing a clear, fuss-free layout where the focus is on your content
  • Having a beautiful flat design that’s modern and easy on the eye
  • Doing away with sidebars on the homepage and so keeping your readers attention
  • Drawing the eye down the page with clear and distinct sections
  • Utilising excellent, bold typography for maximum impact
  • Allowing the inclusion of easy-to-use shortcodes for features like pricing tables, buttons and opt-ins
  • Providing the perfect end-point for a clear call-to-action

Simply-put, it gets the reader from A to B in the easiest way possible, with little resistance and distractions. It stops their attention from wavering, therefore making it much more likely that they’ll click to read an article or browse another element of your blog.

Customisation Options

I used to use the Centric Pro Theme on this website, long before I decided to turn it into a blog. Back then this site was merely a portfolio of my work with the main aim being to show what I can do and to prompt people into getting in touch.

During my time using it, I found it incredibly easy to set-up. The home page is set up as different widget areas to enable easy placement of your content. Things like images, buttons and recent posts can all be displayed here with ease and will look great too.

Key Tip: When laying out your content, you don’t always have to stick to the demo. Mix things up a bit, choose different widgets, write some text, play about with icons. Make your site stand out!

As mentioned above, there’s 7 different colour options in shades of Blue, Green, Charcoal, Orange, Purple, Red and Yellow. These options act as a bright pop of colour to grab attention before toning it down as you scroll down the page. If you’re not too fond of these colours, that’s okay too. You can easily change them by replacing the hex values in your style.css sheet with your desired shades.

As well as great typography, multiple colour options and the versatility of a widget ready homepage, Centric Pro also comes ready to roll with it’s own template pages.

These are:

  • An Archive Page – to display your post archives all in one place for easy browsing
  • A Blog Page – for all of your updates laid out in the classic blog style (with or without sidebars)
  • Landing page – to attract people to buy your product or sign up to your newsletter (no sidebars)

Setting these pages up is as easy as entering a page’s edit screen and selected your template from the dropdown on the right. Click save and you’re good to go.

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