Beautiful Gifts For Writers: Geometric Notebooks by Mulk

Beautiful Gifts For Writers: Geometric Notebooks by Mulk

December 10, 2017

Writing is a gift I’ve cherished ever since I was taught to put pen to paper. Stories have always flowed easily for me and by the age of 14 I’d taught myself a quaint style of handwriting that was elegant, graceful and full of loops and swirls.

Even now when I write notes, I choose to do so with a good pen and a quality notebook. For me it’s the experience of forming words into something legible, that has that inescapable pleasure. Knowing that someone will read those words is even more comforting, even if it’s just me who will read them.

This is why beside me I have a pile of notebooks several stacks high. Each has a different purpose. Some are gifts from loved ones, some of beautiful covers and elegant embossing, while others are your every-day, throw away notebook. In my opinion, you can never have too many of them. Each is a precious canvas, waiting for you to make your mark upon.

And so I got to thinking about stationery in general. Not just notebooks, but note-paper, pens, envelopes – the tools that make writing the pleasure that it is. It’s lead me to discover so much more than the bog standard stationery that’s on offer in high-street chains and over the coming weeks leading up to Christmas, I’ll be sharing some of my finds with you.

Introducing Mulk: Live Life Beautifully

Today I’m beginning with an independent retailer that I’ve instantly fallen in love with. A British brand, Mulk is,

…all about bold geometrics and crisp, contemporary design, creating a collection of recycled stationery products and artwork for stylish living.

Mulk offers products ranging from the humble gift tag, to beautifully crafted notebooks, gift wrapping, cards and prints, all with a Scandinavian look that’s both refreshing and charming.

I received a number of products to review after submitting an inquiry to the company’s owner Gemma. As soon as I opened the parcel, I knew that they would be just the kind of things I’d been looking for.

Made from 100% recycled materials and via British manufacturer’s, these items exude style, character and personality. What instantly hits you is the variety of patterns. In bold, beautiful colours, they’re an instant mood-lifter while the quality of materials is excellent.

Mulk A5 Triangles Notebook

This charming notebook is one of my favourite products from Mulk. Made from double sided card stock it has this striking teal, yellow and blue geometric pattern on the cover, with a black and white chevron pattern on the interior.

Priced at only £4.50 it would make an ideal gift for grown-ups and children alike, while adding a little extra style to your bookshelves.

Mulk Retro Christmas Stickers

These bold Christmas Stickers are ideal for adding some flair to your christmas cards or sealing a small gift. With six different festive designs to choose from, you can mix and match to coordinate with your envelopes and wrapping paper.

For a pack of 48 stickers, it will cost you £4.00

Luxury Red Bauble Christmas Card

This gorgeous card is made up of bold, festive colours and a quirky geometric patterned bauble. On the inside the card is blank, perfect for writing your greeting and the card comes complete with a ribbed brown envelope.


I especially love these little cards. They’re unique and a fresh change from the glitter and glitz of the season. At about A6 in size, they only cost £2.20 each.

Recycled Geometric Double-Sided Wrapping Paper

If you’re looking for something to finish off a gift and make it extra special, there’s nothing better than gorgeous wrapping paper. These papers feature prints designed exclusively by Mulk, with each sheet featuring two designs; they give you the option to make use of both sides.


Printed on heavy duty recycled paper, I can vouch for its quality – if only they came in large rolls! At £2.50 per sheet however, it’s easy enough to buy the quantity you need.

Final Thoughts

I adore the idea and sentiment behind these products. The fact that Mulk are using recycled material to create something beautiful, really appeals to me. I’m also really happy to see a brand that’s chosen to keep the production of their products within the UK.

I’m afraid I may have turned into a bit of brand advocate already. Those patterns are just addictive therefore Mulk is certainly a store I’ll be returning to again in the future. You can see more of Mulk’s beautiful products here.

What about you? What are your first impressions of these splendid items? For me they’re the epitome of simple style. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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