Garden ideas for those who love being eco friendly


6 Garden Ideas for Green Fingered Enthusiasts

Great design doesn’t just happen in and around the home. With more and more people looking to find simplicity in their lives, our outdoor spaces are becoming just as desirable as our indoor ones.

For some people this means finding creative ways to use a small garden space. For others it’s ensuring their gardens aren’t merely aesthetically pleasing, but functional spaces too.

Today we’ll explore a number garden ideas in a range of styles to suit almost any taste and aesthetic. With the help of some inspirational ideas from Homify Gardens, you’ll be itching to get outside to start planning your own garden project.

Urban Entertaining

Urban Courtyard for Entertaining : Modern garden by Inspired Garden Design

A small, urban garden can be a great place to entertain guests. Even though the space may be limited, careful placement of decking and utilising wall space can ensure a stylish, well thought out look.

The raised beds in this image help to partition the garden off into sections, while allowing room for greenery. Choose hardy plants that require minimal care and attention. This will make it easier to maintain a sophisticated look, that doesn’t use up too much of your time.

Contemporary Garden

Contemporary Garden : Minimalist garden by Borrowed Space

This space shows that a family garden can still be modern and on trend. Grey fencing, raised borders and seating as well as hardwood decking and architectural grasses make this garden a modern yet relaxing space, that’s ideal for all the family.

Inside Out

Patios and Decking : Modern garden by Unique Landscapes

Why not take some of the inside, outside? This garden reflects how the home owner’s tastes can be reflected in their outdoor space. Wide, fold-back doors reveal instant access to a minimally styled patio. Raised planters with beautiful grasses, topiary and subtle water feature all help to give a sense of tranquility, serenity and style.

Japanese Style

Japanese Style Garden : Asian style garden by Unique Landscapes

Staying with a tranquil theme, this Japanese inspired garden is calm personified. Japanese style gardens are created to be spaces of meditation and reflection. It’s a great place to escape your hectic, modern lifestyle. Here you can retreat and recharge your batteries.

Japanese gardens create miniature idealised landscapes, often in a highly abstract and stylised way and do not require constant upkeep. These gardens are all about balance, space and nature. The design should fit your garden, rather than trying to make your garden fit a rigid design.

Slim And Subtle

Slim & Subtle Rear Garden : Modern garden by Garden Club London

A small space can easily be transformed into something charming and homely. This small urban garden design for a narrow rear garden in Fulham, London demonstrates that small doesn’t necessarily mean boring.

This garden design uses neutral colours and soft planting to create a relaxing space.

Built in seating doubles as a storage area and uses the planting bed as a back rest for cushions when lounging or alternatively a fold away table and additional chairs can be added to the space for entertaining.

Country Living

Open-Plan Kitchen/Living Room, Ladbroke Walk, London : Modern garden by Cue and Co of London

One of my favorite designs, this beautiful, paved garden area seems to perfectly blend the natural aesthetic of a country garden, into a bustling London area.

Colourful florals in ceramic containers, trailing vines and leafy shrubs surround a seating area that’s ideal for relaxing and admiring the view. The wood panelled walling is particularly charming, adding warm and depth which reflects the evening sunshine.

Final Thoughts

Finding inspiration for a garden project can sometimes be like searching for a needle, in a very large haystack. With so many ideas to choose from, it may seem like everything’s already been done. So much for originality!

But all is not lost. Being original doesn’t have to mean being unique. It’s safe to say that’s pretty impossible. By taking design elements and adapting them to your own tastes, you can design your own version of original – something that suits your loves and your space.

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