Marketing strategies

Businesses and social enterprises operating in London have to compete with big brand dominance within a crowded arena to ensure their continued growth and engage with new markets and customers.

This marketing programme will assist users with the marketing of their products and concepts, through one-to-one support or training sessions. Find out more by contacting us.

Support will be delivered by consultants providing guidance on:

  • Formulation of marketing strategies
  • Product placement and identifying target markets
  • Production of effective marketing materials
  • Brand development and public relations activities
  • Promotion of their recycled products through the Mayor’s Green Procurement Code and relevant profile-raising events.

As a marketing client, you will also have access to themed networking events, one-day marketing conferences and ‘meet the buyer’ workshops. Find out about online marketing.

To find out more about our broader business support programme, which includes tailored advice and support, please contact us or apply online.

The knowledge centre provides information on funding and tenders available as well as relevant news, events and training.

Other ways of marketing your business

Outdoor advertising, also known as out of home advertising, will reach customers when they are out of their homes. Research has shown that this is where 72% of consumers spend most of their time.

There are various types of outdoor advertising, including billboard, however digital outdoor advertising is becoming a bit hit with brands wanting to expand.

Advertising seems to be everywhere, in supermarkets, on the radio and even at the gym. Either way, digital outdoor advertising is designed to catch the eye of consumers and create a memory, therefore viewers will be able to recall the same information. More information can be read at

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