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Boom Earwear: Immersive Sound And Style

June 2, 2017

As you probably know, music is a huge part of my daily life. I use music to give my productivity a little boost, as well as using it to remind me of days gone by. I simply couldn’t live without it and it forms the backdrop of my work life while my children run circles around me in the background.

It’s not often however that I find an accessory or product that fits seamlessly with my humble needs as a freelancer. I’m usually fine with my rickety old laptop, a mug of coffee and a sturdy internet connection. Everything else, from Spotify (for my playlists) and Slack (for team communication), can be found online.

Today I want to share an addition to that simple trio: my trusty BEOne headphones from Boom Earwear.

Simplicity In Design

You could be mistaken for thinking that the BEOnes are just another set of headphones. Standard earpieces with the usual tinny sound quality we’ve all come to expect. From a distance they even look like any other headphones. It’s only upon closer inspection that you can truly see the difference.

Far from being a standard accessory for standard use, the BEOnes have an understated style. Simplicity is at the heart of their design here and it’s this simplicity of design that makes them all the more interesting.

Forget bold statements and style over substance. Available in classic Black, shocking Blue and scarlet Red, these beauties are suave, humble and let the sound quality do the talking.

Magnetic Earpieces

The BEOnes aren’t just about the looks. You can now forget about constantly untangling your headphones. Coming with magnetic technology, these earpieces are attracted to each other, forming a strong bond that keeps them together, regardless of where they live.

My own pair of BEOnes have been thrown around the room by my children, lost down the back of the sofa, sat on, hidden in the bottom of my bag, stashed in my pocket and wrapped around my laptop. Not once did I have to free one earpiece from the other.

Intuitive Touch Separation

Always putting your right headphone in your left ear and vice versa? Yeah me too. After a while it makes your ear ache and the whole enjoyment of some quiet time with your music, is lost.

The BEOnes tackle this with a simple touch separation technique. The right ear piece has a raised surface, while the left ear piece has a lowered indent. Right: Raised. Left: Lowered. It’s simple really.

Sound That Will Blow Your Mind

It’s a common flaw in headphones: the bass is over the top. If you’re speaking to manufacturers, it’s an easy way of increasing “sound quality”, because it’s a term you guys know. We’ve steered clear of that, instead opting for a higher quality speaker across the range – meaning your podcasts will sound just as good as your tunes.

And they’re right. Pop these in your ear and it’s like stepping into your own sound proof room. Outside noise is all but eliminated, while the sound is of such a quality that it’s easy to lose track of time. Remember my children running circles round me while I work? Not with the BEOnes. With these in my ears, I’m blissfully unaware of the chaos around me (their dad can deal with them for a bit).

What You Get

The BEOnes will set you back £24.99 and I think they’re worth every penny of that price. Put it this way, I don’t use my Apple headphones anymore. With the headphones (which come in black, blue or red), you’ll get a stylish, sturdy case with three addition sets of earbuds, in three different sizes. They also come with a single button remote and microphone.

Full Tech Specs

  • Unit Diameter: 8MM
  • Frequency response range: 20-20000HZ
  • Sensitivity: 118DB
  • Power rating: 15mw
  • 45 day money back guarantee
  • Free worldwide delivery
  • Enhanced 1 year warranty.
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